Liquor Stores in Jacksonville, Florida

Find the closest liquor store near you in Jacksonville!

  1. Golden Ox Liquor & Pub 1531 Monument Rd Ste 21, Jacksonville FL 32225
    Phone: 904-565-1190

  2. Shores Liquors 4870 Highway Ave, Jacksonville FL 32254
    Phone: 904-813-7927

  3. Aardwolf Brewing Company 1461 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville FL 32207
    Phone: 904-301-0755

  4. Bernie's Wine Stop 1080 Edgewood Ave S. Suite 8 , Jacksonville FL 32205
    Phone: 904-647-6658

  5. Crown Liquors 10143 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville FL 32246
    Phone: 904-645-8485

Want to know where is the nearest liquor store to you? This page contains a list of liquor store. If available, hours of operation are included to help find a store that is open (or what time it closes by, open late, holiday, weekend hours, sunday hours etc).